Suet Meat Puddings

Bacon & Onion x 4

420g (average weight)

Bacon & Onion Pud

All our Suet Meat Puddings are fully cooked (Steamed) to your order and come with 7 days chilled life. If required they will freeze perfectly.

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Reheating Instructions (Also supplied in the box)

Place the Pudding on a microwaveable dish pastry side down (leaving the black container on the pudding ) add water to the dish say a fifth of a cup, this will cause the pastry lid to swell sealing the pudding in the container and preventing the delicious filling from spilling out.

Microwave for 4 minutes on full power, leave to stand for 2 minutes, the pudding needs to be piping hot and we recommend the core temperature be 72 degrees.

Using a kitchen slice remove the pudding from the dish leaving the residual water in the dish. Place the pudding on a plate, remove the black container and you are ready to serve. Like our PUB RANGE pie we recommend serving a separate jug of gravy with our puds, for presentation pour a small amount over the top of the pudding prior to serving.

Our Puds can also be reheated in the traditional way by placing in a Bain Marie, we recommend this way if serving a number of people.

Preheat oven to Electric 180 degrees or Gas mk4, using a roasting dish place puddings (in the black container ) in the dish pastry side facing up. Fill the roasting dish with hot water halfway up the side of the black containers, cover roasting dish tightly with foil and place in the oven.

The object here is to reheat the Puds by steam and the reheating time will depend on how hot the water is that you put in the dish, the Puds need to be piping hot to 72 degrees, say 25/30 minutes in the oven, don’t worry if you leave in longer as this method of reheating will not spoil the product.

Make sure you take care by using oven gloves both for placing in the oven and for removing from the oven, bearing in mind that the dish contains very hot water.




Bacon & Onion steamed in fresh beef suet pastry

1 review for Suet Meat Puddings

Bacon & Onion x 4

420g (average weight)

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    I have just eaten my first one of these puddings, and have to say that the flavour was superb. I steamed mine, and the inside was still lovely and moist, not dried up like some other manufacturers’ produce has been in the past. I can hardly wait to try another.

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Wheat Flour (Wheat, E170, Iron, Nicotinamide (Vit B3), Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vit B1), E110,

Preservative ascorbic acid), Sauce blanche (Skimmed MILK  powder. Vegetable stock powder, yeast extract, salt sugar, onion carrot (CELERY) . Rapeseed oil palm oil, tomato, herbs, Modified starch, Emulsifier Potassium citrates), Onion, Cooked Bacon 13%, (Pork, salt. Dextrose, Preservative Sodium nitrite, Potassium nitrate,
AntioxidantSodium ascorbate) Beef Suet  (Wheat), Onion, Potato Starch (Starch acetate), Chicken stock (Water, Chicken Stock), Flavouring (contains (EGG), Glucose Syrup, Salt, Yeast Extract, Vegetable Oil) Baking powder (raising agents Diphosphates, Sodium carbonates)  (Wheat flour, Salt, EGG, Pepper, Parsley, Sage.