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Chicken, Meat, Vegetarian & Vegan Pies as well as Steamed Suet Meat Puddings, Pork Pies, Quiches.

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Our pies have won 75 Great British Pie Awards, 7 in 2024, 10 in 2023, 14 in 2022, 9 in 2021 and 15 in 2020



Winners of 7 awards in 2024

Winners of 10 awards in 2023

Winners of 14 awards in 2022

Winners of 9 awards in 2021

Winners of 15 awards in 2020

Winners of 9 awards in 2019

Winners of Great Taste Award 2020

SALSA award


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About us

Our pie making journey really began 15 years ago when we decided to turn a normal business strategy on its head by putting quality first and profitability second. We simply decided to make pies that were good enough for us to want to eat and share the experience with our customers.

Every aspect of production takes place in our kitchen from the short crust pastry base, the filling, to the puff pastry lid. The fillings are prepared daily by our cooks, often using family recipes that go back decades, with no additives or preservatives. Each of our PUB RANGE PIES are larger than our competitors with an average weight of 320g and are very generously filled, full of flavour, using local produce and fresh ingredients, making each pie a real dining experience. We believe it is this eye for detail and a drive for a consistent product that is the key to our success.

To date, we have won a large number of awards on our products at both the Great British Pie Awards, in Melton Mowbray, and the Taste Awards.

The largest choice of pies that are available online trade customers only


Most of our recipes have stood the test of time having been supplied to the professional caterer for over the past 15 years, particularly into the licensed Pub trade where we have established a very firm following hence the name of our PUB RANGE pies.

These are a real hearty pie weighing in at an average weight of 320g, these are not the type of pie a baker would make if the accountant was running the business!

There are numerous multi award winners amongst this range which includes vegan & vegetarian offerings.

With our PUB RANGE pies we recommend that you serve your own separate jug of gravy if you are a “gravy” person as we tend to fill our pies with whatever filling you have chosen rather than pad the pie out with gravy.



As far as we know nobody else offers TRADITIONAL STEAMED MEAT PUDDINGS that are fresh and fully cooked with a choice of 6 scrumptious different fillings.

These are so simple to reheat taking around 5 mins in your microwave or 40 minutes in the oven, just follow the instructions that come with the Puds.

These all weigh in at around 420g and are not for the faint hearted, some of our customers share one of these between the two of them but we say these are too good to share.

As with all our hot eating pies we recommend that you make and serve a small jug of gravy if you are a “gravy” person as we tend to fill the puddings with meat rather than pad them out with gravy.

We offer 6 different fillings.

All puddings freeze perfectly, defrost overnight prior to reheating.

Fun fact: There are on average 140 searches a month for Suit puddings. Let us know if you found us that way. 



We still use the same recipes and methods for making the traditional Hot Water pastry and pork fillings that the company’s founders used some 40 years ago in the making of this time honoured range.

All our hand raised pies are exactly that, not too many bakers can make Hot Water pastry successfully, this is a skill that is normally passed down the generations, fortunately we still have Andy & David both of whom know a thing or two about keeping this tradition alive.

After making and rolling out the pastry it is cut to size and by hand a mould is lined with the pastry before being filled with the seasoned pork filling, a lid is then hand crimped on top and the whole pie popped in the oven for around 90 minutes of baking time. Finally, after cooking and when the pie has cooled down enough the jellied stock is carefully put into the pie making this truly classic British product.

We offer 4 different types of individual pork pies  box of 9.

As with all our pies the individual pork pies freeze perfectly.


Pub Range Chicken & Meat Pies

These hearty fully baked pies have an average weight of 320g and packed with a choice of 5 meats. There are 12 fillings in the range enclosed in our award-winning pastry. You will not be disappointed!


Pub Range Vegetarian & Vegan Pies

Our Vegan and Vegetarian fully baked Pub Range is very popular. There are 5 fillings, 2 vegan and 3 vegetarian.


Suet Meat Puddings

Our famous fully cooked puddings with an average weight of 420g and 6 fillings in the range, steamed and encased in a fresh traditional suet pastry. Delicious!


Pork Pies

Our Handraised Pork Pies with perfectly seasoned meat in a traditional crisp hot water pastry. 5 fillings available. Look out also for our large 2.5 kilo Gala, 12 portion, Pork Pies!


Sharing Pie for 2 People - 600g

We offer Steak, Ale & Mushroom, Steak & Kidney, our wonderful Windsor Layered Chicken & Ham, Rabbit & Bacon and Chicken, Gammon & Leek. Shortcrust base with our signature puff pastry lid makes these a must try product.


Individual Quiche 195g

We make quiche all year round but summer is really the time when they come into their own, we offer 6 different fillings, 4 of which are vegetarian.
Our quiche can be eaten cold, but to release the full flavours we recommend they are served warm.

2.5 Kilo Gala Pork Pie


We offer our Large Round 2.5 kilo (5lb +) Hand Raised Cold Cutting Gala Pies with a choice of  Chicken & Ham, Plain Pork or Game.

These fabulous-looking pies are £45.95 each and they will be the centre piece of any buffet or display, they are easily cut into 12 generous portions, more if you are good with a knife. *We don’t recommend freezing our gala pies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive my pies after ordering?

Order any day up to midnight on Sunday and we will make and bake your selection fresh and have your order delivered by Thursday.

How long do the pies keep in the fridge?

Pies come with a minimum of 7 days refrigerated life.


Can I freeze the pies?
You can freeze all of our products even our pork pies, with one exception, the Special Occasion Celebration Pie 2.5 kilo.
What temperature do I set the oven?

185c for 20-25 mins. Always ensure the pie is piping hot before consuming. If you prefer a crispier pastry, you may want to take the pie out of the foil to reheat.

Can the pub range pies be cooked from frozen?

No, do not reheat from frozen. It is best to defrost the pies by leaving them in the fridge overnight.

Can I microwave the pub range pie?

For best results we recommend reheating in a conventional oven

How do I reheat the suet meat puddings?

Place the Pudding on a microwaveable dish pastry side down (leaving the black container on the pudding ) add water to the dish say a fifth of a cup, this will cause the pastry lid to swell sealing the pudding in the container and preventing the delicious filling from spilling out.

Microwave for 4 minutes on full power, leave to stand for 2 minutes, the pudding needs to be piping hot and we recommend the core temperature be 72 degrees.

Using a kitchen slice remove the pudding from the dish leaving the residual water in the dish. Place the pudding on a plate, remove the black container and you are ready to serve. Like our PUB RANGE pie we recommend serving a separate jug of gravy with our puds, for presentation pour a small amount over the top of the pudding prior to serving.

Our Puds can also be reheated in the traditional way by placing in a Bain Marie, we recommend this way if serving a number of people.

Preheat oven to Electric 180 degrees or Gas mk4, using a roasting dish place puddings (in the black container ) in the dish pastry side facing up. Fill the roasting dish with hot water halfway up the side of the black containers, cover roasting dish tightly with foil and place in the oven.

The object here is to reheat the Puds by steam and the reheating time will depend on how hot the water is that you put in the dish, the Puds need to be piping hot to 72 degrees, say 25/30 minutes in the oven, don’t worry if you leave in longer as this method of reheating will not spoil the product.

Make sure you take care by using oven gloves both for placing in the oven and for removing from the oven, bearing in mind that the dish contains very hot water.

Leave the pub range pies in the foil or not?

It depends. If you prefer a crispier pastry, you may want to take the pie out of the foil to reheat.

Do you supply Gluten Free products?

Unfortunatly not at this time.